Mariann Tracy

City Clerk of Laguna Beach

I am running for City Clerk of Laguna Beach. My candidacy is endorsed by current City Clerk, Lisette Chel-Walker, Mayor Bob Whalen, and City Council Member Sue Kempf.

I have worked for years to earn and maintain the trust I have gained from these individuals and many others. This is an effort I take very seriously.

It’s important for those who reside in Laguna Beach to trust those who serve the city. Over the years, I have volunteered and worked in various city and community capacities to prove my trustworthiness. Through November 3, I will be sharing about the work I do and what those whose trust I have earned are saying about me. Stay tuned – I have a lot to say.

There is more to share about why I am running for this office, my commitment to this beautiful city, and the endorsements I’ve received.


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ID # 1405838

T: 949-208-9108
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